Industrial Manufacturing

In today’s emerging markets, manufacturers and high-tech companies are aware that changes represent constant challenges, coupling risks and opportunities closer and closer.

At Kreatx, we provide solutions for keeping risks at bay, and help you identify and seize opportunities that thrive in this environment. We have developed innovative, flexible and quick tools for modern manufacturers to successfully meet their existing and emerging challenges in the market and adapt to customer-altered demands.

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  • Compliance issues: Emerging regulations and standards are forcing companies to change their internal policies with regards to the technological chain values, therefore introducing the need to adapt their data processing systems in line with domestic or international regulations.
  • Margin pressures: World-wide competition and new innovative technologies are driving prices down, therefore companies and manufacturers must continually upgrade and change their data processing systems and become more cost-efficient to remain profitable.
  • More transparent information: Close interaction between sales and reliable real-time information on manufacturing and engineering is vital to ensure product launches hit time, volume, and quality targets, which otherwise may affect consumer tastes and preferences.
  • Consumer demand: Leveraging of the global supply-chain means putting more focus on supplier quality management and investing in traceability systems, which directly affects customer demand.


Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP gets easier with our system. By providing real-time view of data, improving financial compliance, reducing risks of core business operations, enhancing customer service and much more through a user-friendly dashboard, you get a premium solution for managing all the processes of your business.


Top Features
Integrated modules and cross reports
Web based/On Cloud or Local installation
User friendly
Multi user environment
Advanced reports
Rich dashboards and charts
Automatic notifications
Daily backup
Scalable and fully customisable
Integration with third party tools
Enterprise Resource Planning
Project Management System

Project Management System

Plan, organize and manage your projects and teams in one place. By using our solution, managing projects will be easier than ever, your team will finalize projects faster, you will have a clear picture of the resources and time efforts for each project, you will have more time and accurate information for taking decisions.

Top Features
Project resource and time planning
Integration with third party software
Rich dashboards and charts
Calendar view
Kanban diagram
Categorization as Gant chart
Mention user in comments
Automatic notifications
Advanced reports
Advanced filtering

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