We know how crucial it is to stay close to the customer, never lose focus, always deliver high quality service and keep communication alive. We can help you be on track, meet deadlines, get suggested about sales opportunities, get notified about critical situations, surprise your customers and always be agile.

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  • Resources: The vast amount of materials and information that have to be managed needs a lot of micromanagement which if not handled properly can cause loss of efficiency, and even loss of quality in service delivery
  • Lack of team spirit: Dealing with people means dealing with lots of personalities, and on the course of business, good management needs to be supported by human and non-human capacities for a perfect synchronization.
  • Budget Control: Management does not imply to have control of the budget. You will be only given a number, and you’d better fit in the limit by finding the most cost-efficient and timely way.
  • Virtual Work: Management within multi-national companies requires accurate data entry and processing platforms, simple time zones and less complex language barriers.


Project management system

Plan, organize and manage your projects and teams in one place. By using our solution, managing projects will be easier than ever, your team will finalize projects faster, you will have a clear picture of the resources and time efforts for each project, you will have more time and accurate information for taking decisions.

Top Features
Rich dashboards and charts
Calendar view
Kanban diagram
Categorization as Gant chart
Project resource and time planning
Integration with third party software
Mention user in comments
Automatic notifications
Advanced reports
Advanced filtering
Project management system
Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

If you want your staff to be more efficient, to take smarter decisions, act on time and do it right, use our cloud based CRM. Many useful features, user friendly interface, intelligent dashboards and notifications will guide and help your sales representatives, sales managers, marketing department and other departments to always be focused on customer needs and satisfaction with less effort. Pay attention to your customers and they will pay you back.

Top Features
Customer details and status
Customer history
Contracts history and status
Project status
Automatic reminders
Advanced reporting
Rich charts and dashboards
Mobile friendly
Multiuser and role based environment
Products and services details and categories

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