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Control your costs, assets, time, work force, sales, documents, work processes and much more with our reliable and user-friendly solutions. We can help you achieve your goals by optimizing time and costs and deliver great results.

By involving information technology in your company’s activities and by automating operational tasks, your staff will be coordinated, will achieve more, and will be more responsible and proactive, and your clients and partners will feel secure doing business with you.

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  • Integration and existing infrastructure: You will never be able to have clear picture of your business and will find it hard to take the best decisions if you get lost between different user interfaces and crosschecking reports from different systems and you don’t have well integrated information systems.
  • Deviation from tradition: Traditional, desktop applications, with that boring user interface with full of restrictions should be replaced with dynamic and modern solutions that can be customized on behalf of your needs and business processes, day by day, that are accessible anywhere any time, and are user friendly with a proactive attitude and that are driven by artificial intelligence.
  • Platform as a service: In the struggle to do everything, from offering better in-house customer service to fully leverage advances in manufacturing, companies from even most traditional and change-resistant sectors are facing difficulties in aligning business data, legislation, news, documentation, procedures, and staying up to date with all the technology hardware and software.


Project management system

Plan, organize and manage your projects and teams in one place. By using our solution, managing projects will be easier than ever, your team will finalize projects faster, you will have a clear picture of the resources and time efforts for each project, you will have more time and accurate information for taking decisions.

Top Features
Rich dashboards and charts
Calendar view
Kanban diagram
Categorization as Gant chart
Project resource and time planning
Integration with third party software
Automatic notifications
Advanced reports
Advanced filtering
Mention user in comments
Project management system
Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

If you want your staff to be more efficient, to take smarter decisions, act on time and do it right, use our cloud based CRM. Many useful features, user friendly interface, intelligent dashboards and notifications will guide and help your sales representatives, sales managers, marketing department and other departments to always be focused on customer needs and satisfaction with less effort. Pay attention to your customers and they will pay you back.

Top Features
Customer details and status
Customer history
Contracts history and status
Project status
Automatic reminders
Advanced reporting
Rich charts and dashboards
Mobile friendly
Products and services details and categories
Multiuser and role based environment

Document Management System

Automate the work processes and digitalize the document workflows by using our Document Management System. Save space and money by not storing hundreds of papers every day. Easily find information, no matter how old it is, through smart tagging, categorization and advanced searching tools. Make your business go green by reducing the mountains of paper on your office.

Top Features
Dynamic workflows
File versioning
Download as zip archive
Advanced filtering
Access rights on directories and files
Smart file tags and categorisation
Automatic notifications
Advanced reports
Integration with third party software
Confirmation of certain activities
Document Management System

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