Resume Failed Download with wget utility

Today I was downloading a nice movie but Mozilla unexpectedly crashed and my download failed at 80%. I wanted to go home early and could not wait for the movie to begin downloading from the beginning so i tried to think about a solution for resuming the download. Linux based systems have a nice  utility called wget. I searched for the windows version of wget and i found it here. You just need to extract the downloaded archive in the C:\GnuWin32\ directory. After that you have to open a command prompt in windows. You can do that by pressing the windows button + R key then type “cmd” in the textbox. In command prompt you have to type

cd c:\users\username\

the directory should be the one where the failed download file resides.  Mozilla Firefox names downloading files in .part suffix. You need to remove the .part part.  Ex:    nice_movie.avi.part should be renamed to nice_movie.avi . After that in command prompt type:

C:\GnuWin32\bin\wget.exe -c

After pressing enter wget will start quickly resuming from where Mozilla Firefox left the download. And I can go now see the nice movie i downloaded. Cheers!

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