JQuery Grid Plugin

Some time ago I was working on a web application with jQuery on the client side and PHP/MySql on the back end. The application had to display a lot of information on grids so i needed a nice jQuery grid plugin which i could use for free for commercial projects and it had to be lightweight and use ajax for data loading.

I began my Google search and i found a lot of nice alternatives. Among them jqGrid was the most complete and Ingrid and DataTables were very nice too.  I must admit that i was tempted by the idea to write my own component. I had never written a jQuery plugin, that way I could also learn writing jQuery plugin also. So MyDg was born. An easy to use, ajax, paginated grid with custom css styling inline cell editing and input validation. Take a look at the demo and download the source if you want.

You can use and modify the source code provided for free in any kind of projects without any license requirements. If you need help or you have any suggestion about making it better please drop a comment.

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