Hackday Albania 2016 Sponsorship

25 young enthusiasts of cyber security (teamed or individually) who in a 10-hour marathon attempted to test a test app that was created by ALCIRT. Many succeeded in detecting the weaknesses that were left specially in the app. The reports submitted at the end of the activity were reviewed by the Technical Jury chaired by the Director of ALCIRT, Rovena Bahiti.

The Cyber Security Bill drafted by ALCIRT and MIAP is very close to approval in Parliament and aims at achieving a high level of cyber security by defining security measures, rights, obligations and mutual co-operation between entities operating in the cyber security field. Enforcement of the law will enhance the security of government ICT infrastructure by providing safer electronic services for the citizen.

A special thanks to all participating youth (with the message that such talented people are welcome in the administration to give their contribution to securing state systems.)

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